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          Product warranty

          1、The product warranty and service

            1、Upon receipt of customer equipment failure notification, our customer service staff will be within one working day by telephone, fax, E-mail and other ways to respond to customers, timely on-site service, to ensure the timeliness and quality of service.

            2、our product warranty period of one year (excluding wearing parts). Warranty period, if the parts due to quality problems, given a free replacement, man-made damage to parts, parts in accordance with the factory price. Warranty period, such as failure, charging parts costs, and labor costs (subject to regional fees).

            3、 the purpose of the service slogan 1. With our sincere smile, in exchange for customer satisfaction with our services; 2. Service concept, all for the customer, for the customer everything.


          2、Maintenance and repair (biological safety cabinet)

            Operators should carefully read the instructions for use, in strict accordance with the instructions in the instructions for the operation and make a detailed record of the work shift for future reference.


          3、The daily maintenance

            1. Turn on the power to run the safety cabinet, check the safety cabinet functions are normal.

            2. Wipe the surface of the equipment and working area with a detergent dissolved in water.

            3. Clean the glass with a mild detergent or glass cleaner.

            4 . The operating room should be sterilized.


          4、Regular maintenance

            1.Perform a thorough maintenance of the equipment every three months.

            2.Complete and thorough cleaning equipment, and disinfection and sterilization.

            3.Check whether the various components switch flexible.

            4.Check the function of each part is normal.

            5.Check the filter net dust, whether it needs cleaning.


          5、Maintenance instructions

            In view of the danger of safety cabinets, it is recommended that operators do not self-maintenance, when the safety cabinet failure and the operator can not be ruled out, please contact us immediately, we will send the relevant technical staff to repair, solve problems and provide quality Service


          We will promise you:

          Reply to you within 24 hours, inform the handling of the situation, deal with the process;

          Within 48 hours to your results, inform the results, solutions.


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