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          Service support

          Service support and philosophy:

          First, our product warranty period of one year (excluding wearing parts).

            Warranty period, if the parts due to quality problems, given a free replacement, man-made damage to parts, parts in accordance with the factory price.

            Warranty period, such as failure, only charge parts costs.


          Second, to provide product life-long technical services.

            Product failure, the company received the repair notice within 2 hours after the phone to respond,

            Telephone can not be resolved, the local users to the scene within 24 hours of maintenance, field users within 48 hours to the scene maintenance, until the product works.

            After the warranty period, we provide technical support and life-long maintenance services, if you need engineers to the site or replacement parts, we will give a preferential price.


          Three, service purpose slogan

            1.With our sincere smile, in exchange for customer satisfaction with our services;

            2. Service concept, all for the customer, for the customer everything.

          We will promise you:

          Reply to you within 24 hours, inform the handling of the situation, deal with the process;

          Within 48 hours to your results, inform the results, solutions.

            Service Department address: Weicheng Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Phoenix Jing Industrial Park 

            Zip code: 215000

            Tel: +86-0512-65787026

            Mobile phone:(Aftermarket horsemen)15850185860  QQ: 1710454648

                        (Wang Wang technology)13915522826

          Consultation hotline:

          Sales service hotline:86-0512-65990051
          Company website:www.ywchuangge.com
          Address: Fenghuangjing Industrial Park, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
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